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We have used Buckeye in the past.  They have been around for many, many years.  Have always heard good things about them.  They are always quick, clean and professional.  Will continue to use them as our go to plumbers.  Would also like to thank Paul, the technician.  We give them 5 stars.


Family Owned * Good People * Experienced Techs

Great Company...super people to work with.


leak detection

I had a water leak in my house I thought was in my interior wall you could hear water running. When My tec came out he acessed the situation got a layout of the house . Within minutes he told me it was in the floor and he showed me where the water was running under my floor changing the color of my grout. He showed me where he had to cut a small hole in my wall and cap the water line , run a new line up my wall threw my attic and reconnect it with my shower in my other bathroom.I did not think that was possible. It took them a whole day but they got it. We had very little disruption or mess. Thease guys were great when I tell you they know there stuff,I would highley reccomend this company when you have a problem like that you want it fixed ri


Excellent job Completed 3-Days

Buckeye  plumbing replaced all of our Polybutylene Water system in my house in Jupiter Florida.  Great price and great work they are employees Andrew and Juan went far beyond their job  description. I would recommend this company to anyone. Thanks again John Gribben also thanks again to Andrew and Juan 10-1-18 


Tech Compliment

I had an emergency to arise while having my home painted. We called immediately, and within a little more than an hour your service tech was at my home! WOW! I wanted to recognize Mario Howard, for his Excellent Service. He's very knowledgeable; and he resolved the broken pipe issue; and restored water to my home! I wanted to recognize his professionalism! Thank you very much..... Ms Davis


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